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Valve Kit not Included


The Wort Monster™ Innovative 24 Gallon Conical Fermenter is 100% Manufactured in the USA and is perfect for batches from 10 gallons to 20 gallons. It features a Tank that is molded from 100% Virgin HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), two (2) Sanitary 1" clamp fittings that are made from 304 S/S and molded directly into the plastic tank, one for racking and sampling at the one (1) gallon mark and another that is full draining for the dump port. Additionally there are two (2) 1/2" FNPT fittings made from 316 S/S and molded directly into the plastic tank, one for a thermometer or thermowell at the eight (8) gallon mark and another on the top flange of the tank that fits a #2 bung or 1/2" MNPT hose barb and is used for venting the tank during fermentation. The inside of the vessel is super smooth allowing the trub to follow the cone to the bottom of the tank for easy removal.


The unit comes with three (3) swivel casters, a powder coated deck and three (3) powder coated legs which attach via three (3) threaded inserts per leg. The inserts are 1/4"-20 female threads and are molded into the outer shell of the tank but do not enter the inside of the fermentation chamber. It has a generous 7" opening for easy cleaning, sanitizing and for hop additions which accepts a lid that has an 8"-3 buttress thread, a standard AS568 self-sealing silicone O-ring (not a proprietary gasket) and a S/S lanyard ring for hanging a dry hop bag. The tank is 1/4" thick minimum, 19-3/8" in diameter and stands 45" tall with legs and wheels attached allowing it to fit nicely in a full sized stand alone refrigerator and although the tank is not a pressure rated vessel, it can accommodate LOW pressure transfers during racking.


This unit IS NOT a plastic inductor tank converted to a fermenter, IT IS a well engineered conical fermenter that will perform as well as the high priced SS conicals with a price tag that everyone can afford.


We understand that with Clamp Style fitting some may wish to use your existing valves so our Valve kit is the only item that is sold "A la Carte" Unlike other Conicals our Deck and Wheels are included in the price.


Download Fermenter Manual HERE



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24 Gallon Conical Fermenter Less Valve Kit

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